Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thrift Haul Video Bust

Last night I attempted to make a haul video using items I recently acquired on a thrifting adventure.
...turns out, I'm beyond awkward on camera. The above picture exemplifies my feelings toward the experience. Hey, it was my first time. How was I supposed to know?

So all of that effort is far too embarrassing to upload; I'm going to have to find a different means of shooting a watchable haul that hopefully doesn't include me stuttering and tripping over various potted plants the whole time.

Since that was a bust though, I'd thought I'd just upload some pics of highlights of the video so the entirety of my effort doesn't go to waste. So here ya go:

    The first items I tried to show were a sunhat and cardigan. The sunhat I actually snagged for new at Goodwill, but I've wanted one f.o.r.e.v.e.r. This particular hat is especially good because instead of being the regular neutral sun-hat color, this one has navy details woven in.
    This cardigan was a really exciting find as well. The material itself honestly isn't very pleasant: it's sort of scratchy and waxy at the same time. But I love the 3/4 sleeves and the nautical vibes it gives off. It even has an anchor embroidered on the cuff of one sleeve.
    I accessorized the outfit with yellow wedges for a pop of color, and going with the nautical theme, wore a coy fish necklace (which isn't visible, sorry).

    The next item was this very hippy floral dress. When I snagged this I intended to hem it to an above-the-knee length, mostly because I'm only 5' tall and maxi's don't usually work on my frame. This one however seems to fit pretty ok; it doesn't drag the ground and the way it flares at the bottom is particularly lovely. Also, I'm pretty sure if I chopped it off it wouldn't flow the same way, seeing as most of the material is kind of draped at the bottom. I don't know. I'm still not sure what to do with it. Thoughts?
    For styling, I just threw on a thin brown belt to cinch my waist, a crochet shawl, and some simple sandals. On my head, which you can't see, I had on a brown leather headband. 

    The next item is a houndstooth dress. I loved this find because it's actually a relatively new item (the tag says it's from Body Central), but the shape of it is really mod. Without the cardigan and belt, the shape of the dress is very a-line and just so flattering. It makes me feel about 10lbs lighter somehow. 
    I styled this one a little simpler because I intended for it to be a work outfit, so I just threw on a jewl-toned cardigan and black belt. For my shoes I'm wearing mustard pumps that I love from plndr. 

     My last outfit is... yes, kind of silly. The thrifted find is the mint cargo pants. I've been wanting a pair of mint skinnies soooooo badly for the longest time, but every time I have the money for a pair I either can't find any in my size or the color isn't the "right" shade of mint, etc etc. Anyway, when I spotted these mint cargo's I though, meh why not? Turns out, because of a lot of reasons.
   I did my best with these. I know that they came from a juniors section of some store, but it seemed like no matter what I did they just kept looking so, so young. In the end I decided to just go with it and paired them with this awesome rainbow bunny T, and attempted to tone the whole thing down a dark grey cardigan. 
    Gotta say, these pants are not my proudest moment, but at least they make good slumming around clothes, because if nothing else, they sure are comfy. :)

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